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Mary Green Silk Knit Long Stemmed Panty Rose (Hi Cut Full Brief)

by Mary Green
Price $48.00

Why not surprise her with a bouquet of silk panty roses this time?

  • This rose is made from one carefully folded silk knit high cut full brief
  • Silk is an amazing fabric! It is stronger than steel, yet can be spun and woven into the most delicate and luxurious of fabrics.
  • Even though it is both compact and lightweight, it is able to keep you incredibly warm in the cold as well as nice and cool in warm temperatures.
  • All MaryGreen/Mansilk products have a "care label." The care instructions should be followed if you wish to maintain the garment's characteristics.  
  • These silk undies can be washed with a mild detergent, such as our LAUNDRESS Delicate Wash, by hand or in the machine on delicate. Hang to dry.

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